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Corporate information

Improving quality

Patient safety is at the core of every decision we make about local health care in Hounslow.

This means:

  • We have reviewed the savings plans of the organisations who plan our health services to ensure that  their cost saving won’t impact on patient safety  
  •  We require all our providers to follow the recommendations of the Francis report (2012) which focused on lessons learnt about quality and safety of services following failures at Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust.
  • We have set a range of rigorous quality standards for all our providers to achieve. 
  • Hospital standards must focus on increasing the number of hours, including weekends, and senior doctors (consultants) delivering care for patients in specialities such as maternity, emergency surgery and emergency medicine. We know that increasing consultant presence in these areas means better outcomes for patients. At the moment no hospital in North West London meets the required standards for consultant cover in these areas.
  • For all other providers, quality standards must focus on access to services, responsiveness, care planning, information sharing and empowering patients in their own care and treatment.

These standards have been developed and agreed by senior doctors across London; they require major changes to the way care is delivered to achieve the desired level of quality outcomes for our patients. We anticipate it to take several years to implement these standards fully.

  • We have set up a number of ‘quality groups’ with a mixed clinical membership from both our CCG and local hospitals and other providers of health services;  the remit of these groups is to provide a relentless focus on quality and safety.

Our CCG also has a Quality Committee and feeds into other working groups such as the NHS England Quality Surveillance Committee for North West London.