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Our plans

Integrating health and social care services

Integrated care is about joining up the range of different health and social care services patients may receive to ensure they experience it as one seamless service, with their needs placed at the centre.

People with long term conditions require regular support and treatment and we want services to be easier to access, and to help people to better manage their conditions themselves, so they are less likely to require emergency care.

Hounslow CCG therefore wants to create a health and social care system that is truly seamless so that people receive the right care and support at the right time, in the right place. Bringing together all the different parts of the health and social care system will provide better communication and sharing of relevant information to reduce duplication and confusion for individuals, carers and staff. This will mean one set of goals agreed by the individual, supported by one team with one approach.

This is known as 'whole systems integrated care'. Find out more about joined up care here.

Whole systems integrated care

This vision will mean a new way of delivering care. A model of care that starts with people’s needs, whether social, physical or mental, and makes sure that the whole system’s resources are directed to those needs. This model will mean self-empowerment, use of community capital, networks of GPs, networks of providers and the system enablers such as the right information, the right workforce, and the right estate to support it: a whole system of care. 

We have already begun some of the practical steps necessary to deliver this. The Better Care Fund pools health and care budgets together. You can find out more about this here. 

Find out more

To find out more about how the eight CCGs are working together to deliver integrated care in North West London, visit the whole systems integrated care website