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Our plans

North West London five year strategic plan

The eight North West London CCGs (Central London, West London, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hounslow, Ealing, Brent, Harrow and Hillingdon) have a draft five year strategic plan setting out how we will work collaboratively to transform the health and care landscape across North West London in order to achieve our shared vision; deliver improved outcomes and patient experience; ensure a financially sustainable system, and meet the expectations of patients and the public.  The strategy sets out our overarching vision, co-produced with the people of North West London:

“To improve the quality of care for individuals, carers and families, empowering and supporting people to maintain independence and to lead full lives as active participants in their community.”

NWL CCGs’ vision for healthcare

Four overarching principles underpin our whole system North West London vision – that health services need to be:

  • Localised where possible
  • Centralised where necessary
  • In all settings, care should be integrated across health (both physical and mental), social care and local authority providers to improve seamless person-centred care. Individuals will be enabled to work with frontline professionals, their carers, and their families to maximise health and wellbeing and address their specific individual needs.
  • The system will look and feel from a patient’s perspective that it is personalised - individuals will be enabled and supported to live longer and live well.

Our plan is consistent with NHS England’s vision, outcome ambitions, service models and essentials, and reaffirms the CCGs’ commitments to delivering the modernisation of health services in North West London that is currently underway.