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Our vision and who we are

Our mission and clinical vision

Our mission

NHS Hounslow CCG's mission is to improve the effectiveness of clinical care and the patient experience.

Our clinical vision 

Elective Care (planned surgery)

  • High quality service
  • Reduce the number of attendances needed at secondary care providers which would reduce the time patients would have to take from their daily lives
  • Detailed care and management plans sent to GPs and patients to enable local and self-management.
  • Palliative care to become an elective service by having robust end of life care plans

Non-elective care: (emergency care) 

  • Phone first: Encourage a change in patient culture/develop an understanding that phoning first is the best way to good, efficient and seamless service
  • Patient and public education engagement and communication programme will support people to get the best value from their NHS.

Quality in general practice:

  • A continuous drive to improve performance and access
  • To reduce ineffective variation
  • To seek to improve the quality of the primary care estate.

Out of hospital care:

  • Patients to feel secure being referred into an effective and safe partnership between the community based providers, and social services with support from their GPs or hospital consultant.