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Have a 10 Minute Shake Up this summer!

Change4Life has launched a major new campaign to help kids get active this summer.

The ‘10 Minute Shake Up’ campaign aims to inspire parents and children to reach their 60 minutes of recommended activity per day, with the aim of getting kids in Hounslow to move for an extra 100,000 minutes this summer! 

Whether it’s dancing, keepie uppy, riding a bike or creating a new run around game Change4Life has loads of ideas for how to get moving 10 minutes at a time.

You’ll find some great 10 minute activity ideas below with lots more suggestions at Change 4 Life.

Keepy Uppy Challenge
Take a ball of any size and flick or bounce it upwards, using your feet. It's harder than it looks - you will have to do it very gently to keep control of the ball. Don't let it touch the ground! The person who can do the most bounces wins.

If you can do 20 or more, then print out and award yourself our special keepy-uppy certificate.

Variations: Instead of using your feet, try bouncing it on your knees or head instead.

Heads or catch
The players stand in a large circle with the leader in the middle. The leader throws the ball to a player, calling 'heads' or 'catch'. The players must head the ball when a friend shouts 'head', and catch when they say 'catch'. The player must do as they are told - if they fail they are 'out' and must sit down. The last player standing is the winner.
Variations: Make the game harder by having the players do the opposite to the command.

Obstacle course
Arrange the obstacles in a line or a circle, depending on how much space you have. Decide how you'll get over, under or around them - will you climb, hop, jump, or crawl? Each person who completes the course in the right order and in the right way gets 10 points.

Variations: Make the game more difficult by timing each other - the quickest person doing the course correctly wins. Or reverse the order so that you have to tackle the obstacles in the same way, but from the other direction - can you remember what to do?

Rebound Ready
Two players stand a short distance apart from each other both facing a wall. The first player throws the ball at the wall and the other player catches it as it rebounds. 

Repeat the action for the second player so both of you have a chance to throw and catch. Then you both take a step back and throw again. Play without dropping the ball for as long as you can. Then add one bounce and keep going.