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Seven Day Services at the London Clinical Senate Forum

Nwl Clinicians And Leads

The London Clinical Senate Forum provides an important platform for discussion of issues that are key to the development of London's health services, sharing innovation and best practice.

The July session of the London Clinical Senate focused on "Delivering Seven Day Services", North West London was there to present its success story as the first region in London to deliver the priority standards.

A team of clinicians and leads for the seven day services programme presented their approach to the design and delivery of North West London’s priority standards. This included new models of care for the clinical review of hospital patients, approaches to improving access to radiology testing, and a sector wide standardisation of the hospital discharge process across North West London.

The presentations were very well received by all who attended the event and the team was congratulated by Dr Andy Mitchell, Medical Director for the NHS England London Region for the innovative work demonstrated.

In North West London, we believe that everyone should receive consistently high quality hospital services every day of the week. To address this, 10 National Clinical Standards were produced to improve the patient experience while in hospital every day of the week. We are focusing on delivering five of these standards, all of which will have a significant impact on care in hospitals by April 2017.