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Tell us what you think the priorities for health and social care in NW London should be

The NHS and *councils across NW London are working together to provide an even better health and care system for our two million residents. To do this a Sustainability and Transformation Plan is being developed and we need your help to shape the plan and our future services.

Please visit our site Healthier NW London/commonplace to tell us your thoughts on five key areas that we are looking to improve across NW London over the next five years:  

  • Preventing ill health
  • Long term care
  • Care for over 65s
  • Mental health
  • Quality of care

You can tell us your thoughts on all of these areas or just pick the topics that are important to you. You will be asked to register so we can see which issues matter where across NW London, your comments on the site will be anonymous.

We have made a start on our draft plan, which you can read here, and your feedback will help make sure us shape the plan further, so we can provide the best possible health and social care services.

*Currently, six of the eight boroughs have signed up to the draft Sustainability and Transformation Plan and we continue to work closely with all boroughs.