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Hounslow NHS improves care for people with diabetes

People living with diabetes in Hounslow are receiving better care than ever from their local GP Practices and diabetes services. This is according to figures from the National Diabetes Audit (NDA) published in November 2018. The audit measures eight of the annual health checks recommend for people with diabetes.  

100% of GP Practices had their performance measured in the audit. GPs provide 8 of the 9 checks with retinal screening provided by the NW London Retinal Screening Service. The audit also looks at when patients are accessing education programmes to help them manage their diabetes.

We have approximately 20,000 people with Diabetes registered with Hounslow GP Practices. The borough has improved its performance on a range of NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) –recommended diabetes NHS treatment targets. The all-round care of people with diabetes in the borough also saw significant improvement, with all eight care processes being ranked as higher than expected. Local GP practices saw more people with diabetes in 2016/17 and helped more of them to receive their eight key annual health checks.

Eight care processes improvement:

Type 2 Diabetes:

  •  76% of people living with Type 2 diabetes now receive the eight key heath checks.  This compares to 49% in 2016-2017
  • 90% of patients with Type 2 Diabetes receive a foot check assessment, up from 65%.
  • Smoking status is now recorded  in 98% of cases
  • Achieving a high standard in three treatment targets : cholesterol, blood pressure and HbA1c

Type 1 Diabetes:

  • Hounslow was ranked as higher than expected for all eight Type 1 diabetes care checks, an improvement from 2016/17
  • Three treatment targets also saw an increase in performance

Diabetes Structured Education: While uptake of diabetes education in the borough is still a challenge, 60% of those newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2016 were offered structured education. In 2015 it was 47%.