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Medicine Management

Drugs excluded from national tariff

NWL CCGs have a list of commissioned medicines excluded from the national tarrif. 

Please click here for the NWL CCG PbR Excluded Drugs List 2018-19

Please note that from 1st April 2017 NWL CCGs will no longer be accepting notification via paper tick box forms. All submissions must be made via the Blueteq HiCost portal – Please use the following link https://www.blueteq-secure.co.uk/Trust/default.aspx.  

Contact medicines management for further details using the following email address: NWLCSU.NWLmedmgt@nhs.net

Local agreements

NWL CCGs have agreed to commission some high cost drugs outside NICE guidelines. 

Rheumatoid arthritis – use of biologic outside of NICE guidance

Individual funding requests

For medicines and/or indications that are not routinely commissioned, these require an individual funding request. Forms can be found here