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Patient and Public Involvement Committee

Join the CCG’sPatient and Public Engagement (PPE) Committee

We would like to invite you to join the CCG’s Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) Committee

What is thePatient and Public Engagement (PPE) Committee?

The CCG’s Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) Committee is a group of local people and local organisations representing the interests of the different groups in our local community.  We have set up the PPE Committee to:

  • Create a two-way communication channel between patients, carers, local residents, and the CCG
  • Create a forum where the CCG can engage with patients and the public in the planning, design and buying of health services 
  • Allow the CCG to raise awareness of its commissioning plans and decisions, service development and CCG activity. 
  • Help the CCG to identify what our commissioning priorities should be.

The Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) Committee will help ensure that the views of patients (and their carers) and local people, including those groups that are hard to reach, are taken into account when we plan and buy services.  By doing this, we will be committing to the promise of ’no decision about me without me’, and developing services in partnership with patients and local people.  The minutes from each Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) Committee meeting and any other activity will be taken to the CCG Governing Body.

Anyone who is keen to shape local health services can join the Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) Committee, whether you represent yourself or an organisation or local group. How much involvement you have really is up to you. There are three levels of involvement and you can change your level at any time:

  • Level 1: be fully involved, taking part in focus groups, attending meetings and consultation events and completing questionnaires either online, by post or by telephone.
  • Level 2: participating in postal, online or telephone consultation exercise.
  • Level 3: receive information relevant to your interests and be kept informed about the work of Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) Committee
  • Frequency of meetings (for level 1 members)

The Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) Committee will meet every two months.  We will do our best to hold the meetings at different times of the day and at different locations around the borough to allow as many people to attend.  View the Patient Reference Group Terms of Reference.

For more information about the Patient and Public Engagement (PPE) Committee or to become a member, please email HOUCCG.communications@nhs.net or call 020 8538 2414.

You can find out Terms of Reference here. 
Click here to view the patient and public engagement committee role description.